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R o b o t i c Vanity
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&!#This community is entirely about beauty & nudity.
&!#Please, do not post nudity if you are under the age of 18.
&!#You must be 14 years of age or older to apply to this community.
&!#New applicants cannot post on other entries until they are stamped.
&!#If you make any posts after you are rejected, you will be banned.
&!#We are shallow motherfuckers. We like confident people. Beautiful people.
&!#We don’t care if you paint like Picasso, or if you sing like an angel. If you’re ugly, we don’t like you.
&!#Always use an LJ cut.
&!#Make the subject of your entry, “I have sex appeal(no really)”.
&!#This community is for males as well. Good looking ones. (:
&!#If you don't follow all the rules, you'll be rejected.
&!#Do not promote other communities here.
&!#Promote your fucking ass off.

Promote ragdollwhores in either a community or your personal journal, and post the link(Not Optional):
Now post 5+ clear pictures of your FACE. I don’t want to see half of your face at a stupid angle.:

The application is already bolded and coloured for you, just fill it out.

Name: Madison
AIM : Grim Fantasia
LJ : taintedcunt

Name: Emily
AIM : Limit3d Sanity
LJ : bloodsmeared

&!# candycunts
&!# morbid_beauty_
&!# ____provocative